Benefits of being a VietTESOL Member

VietTESOL Members have priority access to numerous professional development activities organized or sponsored by VietTESOL Association. Every year, VietTESOL Association organizes English language teacher development seminars and workshops on a regular basis and holds an annual international conference (VietTESOL International Convention).

A VietTESOL Member will benefit from, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Attend and learn: Expedited acceptance into VietTESOL Association's teacher development events, including seminars, workshops and conferences.
  2. Save your budget: Special registration rate for VietTESOL Association's paid teacher development events and special discount on VietTESOL merchandise.
  3. Stay current and get published: Exclusive access to electronic fulltext proceedings of VietTESOL International Conventions and other VietTESOLs' official publications.
  4. Receive recognition and funding: Participation advantage in competitions or funding opportunities organized by VietTESOL such as travel grants, awards and scholarships.
  5. Get involved and lead: Numerous opportunities to serve as a volunteer, a secretary, a peer reviewer, a group leader, a teaching assistant, or on the VietTESOL Board of Directors.